Presentation Video

It is my presentation video. Shooting place is in my class. I’m very nervous and my heart is palpitated. And I forget sentences I memorized. It is sad and embarrassed.

But I get experience, I present everyone in English. This experience is developing myself that I believe. Thank to my friends(audiences) because they heard out my presentation. I feel thank to them heard my presentation and gave me many questions. Last, I appreciate my English teacher, Seho shot this video. Especially, Seho teacher is very hard because he should shot every student participates WKC program. I feel appreciated again.

Though I feel nervous and have a presentation, I compliment me prepared presentation file and script. It is good that I don’t give up many homework.

My presentation

My presentation

.슬라이드18   슬라이드2

슬라이드3   슬라이드4

슬라이드5   슬라이드6

슬라이드7   슬라이드8

슬라이드9  슬라이드10

슬라이드11    슬라이드12   슬라이드13 슬라이드14    슬라이드15 슬라이드16    슬라이드17  슬라이드1

I was concerned about presentation, how I makes it and what it was comprised of it while making presentation. I thought that ” Am I doing well?” but I just decided to show my results that I had done during WKC program.

Download file: JANG,EUNHYEONG

In video used two color of logo

                 Navy blue logo                                     orange logo

navy_Logo-02    Orange_Logo-03-03

I apply two color of logo in video. You’ll become aware if you watch my complete video.

I use logo of navy blue due to using orange background in first scene and I use logo of orange because of using navy blue background in last scene. At firs, I’m planning to use logo of navy blue color but logo isn’t focused on so I have to make two color of logo.

Two color of Logo

   orange logo             navy logo

Orange_Logo-03-03   navy_Logo-02

I feel necessity making two color of logo because background is navy blue color and logo is navy blue color, too. So, logo isn’t distinguished. Therefore I make the logo using point color, orange color. If background color is navy blue, I’ll use logo is orange color.