3. Skill audit

skill audit

skills_audit(with my team member)1

skills_audit(with my team member)2

skills_audit(with my team member)3

Who do I join with when I make a team? This solution is below.

Do you know skill audit? What is skill audit?

Skills audit is analyzing how are other people’s skill have including me.

When I choose team members, it needs to me. Because I have to select people can do thing I’m not enough when I select my team members. So, you have to consider their skills.

How does skill audit have to?

First, you make lists to analyze (skill audit is analyzing other people’s skill including me). If you make website, you can make lists like can you do graphic design? , can you do programming like html?, can you take a photo or shoot film? etc. Then, you divide to none, basic, competent and check one you choose. I recommend you get other people check competent.

Benefits of the skill audit are you can work efficiently. If I’m not good at English but another person is good, we can work effectively.


SWOT is S(strength), W(weakness), O(opportunity), T(threat). You can establish opportunity and threat as well as your team’s strength and weakness the reason why you have to try SWOT.

swot form

     SWOT’s form

swot analyzing question

SWOT analyzing question

SWOT is good when you work with other people. Also, you can develop yourself as using it. S and W is occurring inside team. You can change them as time goes on. If my weakness is speaking English, you can study harder until you are enough.

O and T are occurring outside team. You can’t change them in spite of over time. I may not receive funding if I am entrepreneur. I can’t change it. You can establish your strategy about myself and my team if you know SWOT.


SWOT analysis’s example (walt Disney)

Here is my SWOT.


Question about skill audit : https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20111009080405AAPDF1b

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SWOT analysis’s example (walt Disney)


Wikipedia & SWOT’s form : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SWOT_analysis

Skill audit form : http://www.postgraduate.uwa.edu.au/students/proposals/format/scholars


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