4. Facilities/Location


Where are you now? Facility is a place is equipped machine and tool. Example, convenience store is amenities and school is education facility.

convenient store convenient store2

Convenient store                                Inside convenient store

Who and why made facility?

Everyone can make facility. But it is made by almost government and cooperates except rich people. The reason facility is made is to provide necessary places to people. Kind of facility is welfare, convenient, accommodation, public, fire extinguishing facility etc. and they are things needed human race to survive. We’ll be very uncomfortable if one facility of these disappears.


Location is a place I am, who is lived and facilities is. If I go to Gwangjang Market, my location is in Gwangjang Market. Also, I can recognize my location to use GPS. When I make video to promote, I have to go any location. I’ll go various location to make a video.

Location       GPS

Cheonho-dong Park                                        GPS


Spa image http://www.yongamspa.co.kr/yongamspa/doc/facility_07.html

Convenient store : http://www.boostmyproduct.com/convenience-store.html

Inside Convenient store :


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