5. Materials-graphics



Assets and resources come under material. (material is better extensive meaning) It is material is necessary substances when you work something.

When I shoot a video to promote, material is all additional video, sounds and image when you make a video. Also, product we use come under material. Story board have to be for shooting a video. That story board to write pen and paper are example.

In web, especially DO NOT bring other person created materials to my web site without saying a word.

1. I’m making and shooting.

2. Get materials made by other person. Best important thing in this work is I’m allowed for copy rights. Ways are allowed are two.
First, I’m allowed for free. Second, I have to spend a copy rights charge. If you are not allowed by copyrighter, you can cause to uncomfortable situation later.I think you’d better to be allowed copyrights for Artist Release form, Category 6.3

3. Use to free license site (photo, video, sounds etc.)

Best safe thing is I’m making and shooting that I think. If I’m making and shooting, I have copyrights for that afterwards other person may give money to me and buy my copyrights.

Next, I think using free license site is good. Free license is less risk because of no receiving a charge about copyrights.
Perhaps, I’m guaranteed high resolution because there are hardly picture taken by professional photographer. Recommendation site is http://www.imageafter.com/.

Finally, get materials made by other person if his materials are really good. It is good if he allow for free but thinking if not case.


Business dictionary : http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/material.html

Widipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Material


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