2.3 Gantt chart


Gantt chart-01

Day 21~22 is deciding video concept with my team members. What is concept that is important so I take enough in 2 days.  We have brainstorming and we’ll choose best idea. After we choose concept, we’ll research about location to visit, what is there and how do we go there.

While researching the references, write Wireframe / Moodboard / Storyboard in 23 th. Wireframe / Moodboard / Storyboard is very important because of stage of planning. So, I need a lot of time and finish in 25th.  In 26th, visit the location to take pictures and shoot videos as storyboard for getting video sauces. In 27th, edit pictures taken and videos shot using design programs. From 28th to third, produce elements of design. And then, post in my website. From 4th to 6th, modify works and post a final video in my website in 6th.


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