Hangang(river) bridge

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I was departure to find Yongbongjeong observatory about 7 p.m. I can find well where Yongbongjeong observatory because there is place is unknown. So I wandered for a while. Eventually, I could find after going here and there. You can see ‘poor hillside village’ with Naksan Park. Poor hillside village is where a small house stuck in a high area and slope to the narrow gap. In other words, economy growth is situation not to develop over the past few years.

If you look at hangang daegyo from Yongbongjeong observatory, you can see a cruise on han river(=hangang) floated. A twinkling cruise and hangang daegyo stuck out gold color match both and is beautiful. If you come to here with a sweetie pie or partner, it will be a great thing that looks at hangang daegyo while eating supper in cruise.


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