Naksan park&Namsan N tower

Naksan park

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I arrived to Naksan Park about 7 p.m after I departure at 6 p.m. I had supper as well as waited the sun to be declined for 1 hour. I went Naksan Park at 8 p.m. It is quite easy street to go there because there are a sign on my the way to park. But I felt to climb a mountain because Naksan park is very high zone and slope. You can see houses and market called ‘poor hillside village’ on your way to Naksan Park. In this landscape is a unique image you can feel and see only in Korea. This feeling can receive to young Korean people equally.

There is a way in earnest to go observatory of Naksan Park if you go by this landscape. Slope is high, too. Above the images is pictures taken in first and second observatory. You can see a unique wall of Korea is very beautiful. In old times, a rampart was built high to prevent the enemy from entering.

Climbing to Naksan Park is very hard to me. And I went to trouble to shoot a night view is my concept. But this concept has the distinction distinct from other friends.

Namsan N tower

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20150314_225814 20150314_230338

20150314_230547 20150314_234137

20150314_234202 20150314_234314

Second I went to Namsan N tower. Time is about 10 p.m. when I arrived this neighborhood. You may pass Myeong-dong if you go to Namsan N tower. Therefore, you can see many Chinese and Japanese people. Furthermore I recommend to shop in day because Myeong-dong is one of the biggest shopping streets and go to Namsan N tower in night.

The way to go to Namsan N tower’s top is total two kind ways. One way is on foot and the other way is getting in cable car. Cable car’s price is one ways is 6,000 won and a round trip is 8,000 won. I was walking to top. There were many stairs and very hard but I could see a night view was beautiful scenery. you could feel little hard but it is a good way that going on foot because there is observatory en route for top.

You can see numerous locks if you arrive on top. And there are binoculars to use if you put the money. The reason is many locks (padlock, latch…) causes couple lock out of love like a lock. If lock is off the lock as if their love is done, they try to be off the lock. Also, they throw away keys below tower whoever to be off the lock.


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