Is it good or bad? (My fault)

I found pictures

DSC01172 DSC01177 DSC01160 DSC01149

I worked to make a video except some good videos. I found videos and photos in my USB. Actually, I was finding where my folder is while I was making a video in Premiere. But I was working except them because I didn’t found. I found moving a file to After Effect from Premiere. I was very glad. But I don’t know whether it is fortunate because I finished Premiere work. In fact, I was concerned because I should revise and edit videos again. I wasn’t never add them due to having again better resolution than video used. So, I came back working Premiere program again. Surely, It takes a little time but I am consoled myself because of less new 10 videos.

Show Premiere files and After Effect files I worked. This is evidence.

files evidence


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