Change main image

           Main image2 (origianl)                        Main image2 (revise)

Main_image2(original) Main_image2(edit)

I changed using Photoshop first main image taken by me. Actually, I want to upload original picture. But it has much noisy due to high iso and hasn’t light and color because of dark in night. So, I decided to revise it.

First, I adjusted to harmonize whole tone and reduce noise using skills in Photoshop, curve and level. The reason why I choose original picture is lovely and have a graceful charm but the sky is a little narrow so I was felt stuffy. So, there is the reason I want to change original picture.

It will look better cool if sky is a little wide through I give up taking under part, it will look better cool that I have an unsatisfied feeling. Fortunately, I find a new picture. It is better than first image. So, I decided to change main image I am satisfied a new picture although I have to it revise.


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