1. Funding sources, income and expenditure


Funding is support money (available)

 * similar word : financing

Funding means fund raising needed in corporate activity.

Purpose for funding

  1. To research funding. Example, I would need money to make a spacecraft if I was NASA researcher. therefore, I have to receive funding to other people.
  2. To launch a business. In my case, I have to get money as being use various methods if I want to found my business.
  3. To uses on investment. Example, you can funding to invest real estate or stock. I think that private investment is best, being paid to do the job.

  Crowd sourcing                                             Funding


Income is money that I acquire.
  • Being paid to do the job: if I work somewhere as employee, I have to receive the money.
  • Private funding(crowd sourcing): sharing profits produced with participants after someone collect ideas or opinions.
  • Corporate funding: companies invest in someone or something.
  • Public funding: being invested from government organization.
  • Selling advertising: if you click the ad on internet, you can get continuously the money.
  • Selling your product: you can get the money if you sell other person your product. Also, you can gain royalty if other person appropriates your product.

There’re many methods. Besides, there are applying for a loan and bank advances. Applying for a loan is borrowing large amount with high interest rate. And applying for bank advance is borrowing small amount with low interest rate.

monloan loan_process

 Loan application                       Applying of a loan                     Loan process

I think that public funding is appropriate. Because public funding is invested from government organization is safe. Also, selling your product is good. Because I can gain royalty and sell products that I made. I think that applying for a loan is best of danger. Because lending person calling up a debt to you and threating you. So, it is worst way.


Expenditure is money that I spend.
  • People: getting money after people had individual job work. In my case, I should get money if I worked in company.
  • Equipment: requiring site to make. As sample of relation, I need cooker, knife, chopping board, pots etc if I cook.
  • License: copyright fee to use digital contents and allowing copyright holder to copyright users. Example, I pay the money if I search images, music and other videos (youtube, vimeo, etc)  for site to promote jeju Island on the Internet(In case, images or video if you directly create them that it is no matter).
  • Studio hire: you must pay the money to lend during several hours. Example, we must pay charge if I take drama to shilla hotel.
  • Insurance: when I suffer accidental accident, I recompense before I spent little money during long time through regular contact of particular company. When I get disaster or accident, my medical expenses will be covered by insurance.
  • Materials: Props or productions needed. We need paper to make scenario, pros to act, clothes for character etc, if it is act.
  • Travel: When I leave, I should pay. Example, we need payment to transfer fee of various transportation, equipment and rent place if drama filming team in Seoul should take in jeju Island.
  • Contingency plans: plan due to unavoidable circumstances. As sample of relation, we should pay additional charge because of earthquake on taking film.

I’ll make a video to promote for UK students. When I make a video, need to think various expenditure ways above. Best important thinking and do not overlooking are contingency plans. Because nobody predicts in the future.


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