Two color of Logo

   orange logo             navy logo

Orange_Logo-03-03   navy_Logo-02

I feel necessity making two color of logo because background is navy blue color and logo is navy blue color, too. So, logo isn’t distinguished. Therefore I make the logo using point color, orange color. If background color is navy blue, I’ll use logo is orange color.


Change main image

           Main image2 (origianl)                        Main image2 (revise)

Main_image2(original) Main_image2(edit)

I changed using Photoshop first main image taken by me. Actually, I want to upload original picture. But it has much noisy due to high iso and hasn’t light and color because of dark in night. So, I decided to revise it.

First, I adjusted to harmonize whole tone and reduce noise using skills in Photoshop, curve and level. The reason why I choose original picture is lovely and have a graceful charm but the sky is a little narrow so I was felt stuffy. So, there is the reason I want to change original picture.

It will look better cool if sky is a little wide through I give up taking under part, it will look better cool that I have an unsatisfied feeling. Fortunately, I find a new picture. It is better than first image. So, I decided to change main image I am satisfied a new picture although I have to it revise.



Today, I make a logo. This logo will use many parts in my website. My concept is ‘a night view of Seoul’ so, I symbolize many buildings are filled by darkblue, navy blue color because there are many building in Seoul, capital and the reason why I choose navy blue color is night is my concept. And it is important that I use a light, thin circle. Your eyes catch in the circle that you aren’t recognized because it is circle’s feature. So, you are interested in my logo. A light, thin circle(=Ghost line) doesn’t disturb gaze.

I use font is ‘Copperplate Gothic’. This font is Gothic so, it looks simple and neat. Color is white and font is arranged on object because of attending my logo.

Homepage main image


I choose Naksan Park’s a night view by main image. Main image is first screen’s image looked when you access my website. Surely, Namsan N tower and Hangang daegyo represent in Seoul. But I want to introduce not technical part but a unique Korean Seonggwak-gil to be historic and Korean charming atmosphere. This image can announce not Korean common technical part but new.