2.2 Stroy board/mood board etc

I hope that form is scrolling screen. The reason why I choose scrolling screen because of one screen isn’t cut off as well as one of the web design trends in 2015.

[ Story board ]

I draw a sketch my website how do I design.


And then, I made wireframe using Illustrator program. First, I’ll arrange a huge image on main page. This also is one of the web design trends in 2015. And I arrange title, ‘How about a night view of Seoul?’ in the top of center. I announce city is Seoul in the picture. If so, people are interested in the picture will want to see more.

Second, video is a space that shows a film produced myself. My subject is announcing a night view of Seoul. So, I select Deep-navy color, main color. Also, I choose Orange color, Point color. Orange color is suitable color to express light of Seoul. Background of my web site is a night view to be expressed simple Illustration.

Third is Location information. There is description about 3 places selected. Here there is written how do you go, contact and detail descriptions.

Menu is edge rounded rectangle. If you click menu, character hidden appear. You can see more website usefully by using this.

[ wire frame ]


[ mood BOARD ]

[web site image]

mood board-01

I’ll arrange a huge night view in my website. Additionally, add simple typography. So, I researched some site images to be example. I also researched a night view images to arrange in main page.

[Background graphic style]

mood board-02

I’ll arrange a simple night view illustration design to the others except first screen. I look for graphic style that I want.

[ Color ]


There is Balck, White, Orange and Deep-navy in color. Black & White is basics. Orange color will be used by point color. This symbolizes light of a night view. Deep-navy embodies dark night’s color is main color. I’ll show illustration background using main color and point color.


[Mood board&Story board]








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