2. Time management

How to Manage Time With 10 Tips That Work

What is time management?

Time management is making a plan to use efficiently time that is allowed everyone same.

Effective_Time_Management Time_Management___The_Time_Target

Effective time management                                Time management is time targeted

Is time management important?

My answer is ‘yes’. So, Why is time management important?

Because time management is helping when I work something to spend effective time. It is one example that spending short time efficiently on my own schedule made. Some people complete tasks early than other people in spite of same time.

The reason why they manage time better than other people. We can get a high achievement in spite of short time if manage my own time better.

When you work, should just focus on one to do better time management. A busy and efficiency life isn’t same.

We take a little time that spend to make time management plan but it has big advantage.

  • Big productivity & efficiency : Example, if you manage your time, you can work quickly because you have plans so, you can work efficiently. Also, we can expect big productivity on methodical system.
  • Better professional result: When you work various tasks, you can try many. And you have free time can study.
  • Little stress: I proceed in accordance with plan I made. Therefore, I’ll be little stress than people don’t manage time..
  • Increase opportunity for develop: people manage time finish their tasks early according to plans. So, they are given opportunities to develop than other because they have extra time.

You cause to bad situation, if you fail to efficient management time.

  • Handing over the deadlines: everything has deadline. Bad situation or worse can happen if you incomplete in spite of deadline day.
  • Ineffective work flow: situation you have to do again can approach even if you worked tasks. So, you’ll are hard due to ineffective work.
  • Result of low quality: your performance is dangerous if you make result of low quality. Also, you are fired if so continuously if you are employee.

Management time help that being frugal of my time in myself of future after investing time on comprehensive works.


How can I spend time efficiently.

  1. Check your list to need to perform. You need to know what important work you think. Determine order of priority about works.
  2. Focus on best productivity time of the day. Person divide to morning person and night person.
  3. Compete with time. Working 45minutes after 15 minutes break is best appropriate in average. if you have your life cycle, cater for that.



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