In video used two color of logo

                 Navy blue logo                                     orange logo

navy_Logo-02    Orange_Logo-03-03

I apply two color of logo in video. You’ll become aware if you watch my complete video.

I use logo of navy blue due to using orange background in first scene and I use logo of orange because of using navy blue background in last scene. At firs, I’m planning to use logo of navy blue color but logo isn’t focused on so I have to make two color of logo.


Complete a Video

1firt scene  3title  6  7  8  9  10  3  4  5  2  1  4finish title  6last logo

I finished making a video yesterday. I have an unsatisfied feeling on the on hand it is just as well that I finish making a video. It was made by After Effect using rendering. I should have rendering 3 again due to this and that situations.

I make the video, it is so a large memory that it doesn’t open in laptop. It is my uncomfortable thing. File has a large memory so I should use desktop that I feel anxious and apprehensive. But I feel good because I finished well.

Reference : First scene title : Last scene title : How to revise

Is it good or bad? (My fault)

I found pictures

DSC01172 DSC01177 DSC01160 DSC01149

I worked to make a video except some good videos. I found videos and photos in my USB. Actually, I was finding where my folder is while I was making a video in Premiere. But I was working except them because I didn’t found. I found moving a file to After Effect from Premiere. I was very glad. But I don’t know whether it is fortunate because I finished Premiere work. In fact, I was concerned because I should revise and edit videos again. I wasn’t never add them due to having again better resolution than video used. So, I came back working Premiere program again. Surely, It takes a little time but I am consoled myself because of less new 10 videos.

Show Premiere files and After Effect files I worked. This is evidence.

files evidence

Video’s overall explanation utillized After effect

I move files from Premiere to After Effect. For now is step is polishing and decorating videos not editing videos.

First scene logo

1firt scene  wipe logo  2title

I have to make title in first scene. If first scene’s color is darkblue (=navy blue), it will be felt sombre and I produce day to night. In details, first scene is like day and ending scene is like night so, it become in order that day to night. Therefor orange color is my website’s point color is decided by first scene. First scene is mainly composed of particles which is to cut into pieces are triangle. Camera goes to the back gradually, triangle particles gather gradually and then become one sentence (title). Title is ‘Gorgeous Seoul’. After title come out, Logo is shown while wipe left to right. I decide simple transition because particles are gorgeous.

Next to title, show videos edited and shot by me. No is almost modifications in After Effect because editing and color revising in Premiere ago.

Last scene logo

3finish title  4broken logo  5last logo

After show videos made by me, I want to notify a video is finishing while I hope to recognize people watched my video to my logo and making me. First scene, day is orange color and through a video become in night finally, I express night atmosphere using navy color. Last scene is glow circle symbolize shiny objects like stars or moon in night. So, I arrange glow objects.I express shiny things using circle particles in navy background. I arrange logo whose feeling is flinders(=broken pieces) in middle of the shiny objects. After catching the eye of people, I am planning to concentrate people on logo appeared gradually. And then the video is done.

Premiere&After Effect

I should have two works, Premiere and After Effect. Premiere is editing videos (not details) and After Effect is detail revisions, title production and various effects.



I started video edit use premiere a few days ago. Videos taken by me are not high resolution.  I don’t know why videos are low resolution whether I don’t use correctly or it is simply mechanical problems. So, I should bother about color revision. I am not used to color revision but I try to it. Now I finish premiere work. Therefore, I take it to After Effect.

After effect


Hangang(river) bridge

20150315_202836 20150315_202939

20150315_203822 20150315_203836

20150315_204113 20150315_204124

20150315_204746 20150315_204752


I was departure to find Yongbongjeong observatory about 7 p.m. I can find well where Yongbongjeong observatory because there is place is unknown. So I wandered for a while. Eventually, I could find after going here and there. You can see ‘poor hillside village’ with Naksan Park. Poor hillside village is where a small house stuck in a high area and slope to the narrow gap. In other words, economy growth is situation not to develop over the past few years.

If you look at hangang daegyo from Yongbongjeong observatory, you can see a cruise on han river(=hangang) floated. A twinkling cruise and hangang daegyo stuck out gold color match both and is beautiful. If you come to here with a sweetie pie or partner, it will be a great thing that looks at hangang daegyo while eating supper in cruise.

Naksan park&Namsan N tower

Naksan park

20150314_211217 20150314_210742

20150314_20564420150314_210435 20150314_21025720150314_205600_010


20150314_204938 20150314_203843

20150314_203752 20150314_203651

20150314_203641 20150314_203340

I arrived to Naksan Park about 7 p.m after I departure at 6 p.m. I had supper as well as waited the sun to be declined for 1 hour. I went Naksan Park at 8 p.m. It is quite easy street to go there because there are a sign on my the way to park. But I felt to climb a mountain because Naksan park is very high zone and slope. You can see houses and market called ‘poor hillside village’ on your way to Naksan Park. In this landscape is a unique image you can feel and see only in Korea. This feeling can receive to young Korean people equally.

There is a way in earnest to go observatory of Naksan Park if you go by this landscape. Slope is high, too. Above the images is pictures taken in first and second observatory. You can see a unique wall of Korea is very beautiful. In old times, a rampart was built high to prevent the enemy from entering.

Climbing to Naksan Park is very hard to me. And I went to trouble to shoot a night view is my concept. But this concept has the distinction distinct from other friends.

Namsan N tower

20150314_225235 20150314_225801

20150314_225814 20150314_230338

20150314_230547 20150314_234137

20150314_234202 20150314_234314

Second I went to Namsan N tower. Time is about 10 p.m. when I arrived this neighborhood. You may pass Myeong-dong if you go to Namsan N tower. Therefore, you can see many Chinese and Japanese people. Furthermore I recommend to shop in day because Myeong-dong is one of the biggest shopping streets and go to Namsan N tower in night.

The way to go to Namsan N tower’s top is total two kind ways. One way is on foot and the other way is getting in cable car. Cable car’s price is one ways is 6,000 won and a round trip is 8,000 won. I was walking to top. There were many stairs and very hard but I could see a night view was beautiful scenery. you could feel little hard but it is a good way that going on foot because there is observatory en route for top.

You can see numerous locks if you arrive on top. And there are binoculars to use if you put the money. The reason is many locks (padlock, latch…) causes couple lock out of love like a lock. If lock is off the lock as if their love is done, they try to be off the lock. Also, they throw away keys below tower whoever to be off the lock.