6. Legal constraints


It is important thing that Law should be kept. If you are infringed, you must go poison or pay money according to law level. Legislation’s another aspect is it sometime protects us when it happen bad situation. Law is made by member of the National Assembly voted citizen. It need because we live communal social.

  • Copyright : get a profit through copyright, it is about every work, film/music/pictures. If you don’t keep copyright, you can are punished because copyright is included by law.
  • Health and Safety (public liability insurance): Company has obligation and responsibility to keep my health and safety. Example, company must provide me safety equip if I work in construction site. And company should pay my hospital bills if I injured when I worked. This should be protected by law.

In UK has ‘PEGI system’.

[ PEGI rating system ]

If UK has ‘PEGI system’, Korea also has similar thing. When you play a Korean game you can see this.

[Game age-graded ]


– First, green color is everyone can use.

– Second, blue color can use above 12 old-year.

– Third, yellow color can use above 15 old-year.

– Fourth, red color can use above 18 old-year. Especially, this grade needs Adult Certification

– Finally, Orange color is evaluating.


You’ll receive penalty if you infringe the regulations. Example, if you don’t following school regulations in school, you get penalty point. It isn’t punished but should keep better. Regulation is defined and can write.


Standard is general or average thing. There are many standard in whole the world. Example, Korean female’s height standard is 161.7cm. if your height is taller than 167.7cm, you are tall than almost people. This also isn’t punished but you should keep better.

I introduce association of Korea. http://www.ksa.or.kr/

Release form report

How do you feel if your face is broadcasted without your permission? We keep portrait rights of other people when we make film.

Why do I need release form?

If we have a person to have to interview, we must provide release form authorized to him before starting to interview. We can be accused due to portrait rights if we don’t write down release form authorized and release face unauthorized in video. So, release form authorized is very important especially, to minor.


Should have promising content don’t have responsibility after we must announce your face and voice recorded can release through any media in release form authorized. Also, should have content that have to agree your portrait rights with my successor and assignee as well as I.

If you use contents unapproved, you can be punished.

Who do release form need?

Release form is document agreed your face and voice to other people are used through media.

Person have job to use like release form used is photographer, in film production, documentary filmmakers of radio and music producers. Example, if I was photographer, I should provide you release form before taking your pictures.

filmmaker photographer

   Fimmaker                                                          Photographer




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