Complete a Video

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I finished making a video yesterday. I have an unsatisfied feeling on the on hand it is just as well that I finish making a video. It was made by After Effect using rendering. I should have rendering 3 again due to this and that situations.

I make the video, it is so a large memory that it doesn’t open in laptop. It is my uncomfortable thing. File has a large memory so I should use desktop that I feel anxious and apprehensive. But I feel good because I finished well.

Reference : First scene title : Last scene title : How to revise


Is it good or bad? (My fault)

I found pictures

DSC01172 DSC01177 DSC01160 DSC01149

I worked to make a video except some good videos. I found videos and photos in my USB. Actually, I was finding where my folder is while I was making a video in Premiere. But I was working except them because I didn’t found. I found moving a file to After Effect from Premiere. I was very glad. But I don’t know whether it is fortunate because I finished Premiere work. In fact, I was concerned because I should revise and edit videos again. I wasn’t never add them due to having again better resolution than video used. So, I came back working Premiere program again. Surely, It takes a little time but I am consoled myself because of less new 10 videos.

Show Premiere files and After Effect files I worked. This is evidence.

files evidence

Video’s overall explanation utillized After effect

I move files from Premiere to After Effect. For now is step is polishing and decorating videos not editing videos.

First scene logo

1firt scene  wipe logo  2title

I have to make title in first scene. If first scene’s color is darkblue (=navy blue), it will be felt sombre and I produce day to night. In details, first scene is like day and ending scene is like night so, it become in order that day to night. Therefor orange color is my website’s point color is decided by first scene. First scene is mainly composed of particles which is to cut into pieces are triangle. Camera goes to the back gradually, triangle particles gather gradually and then become one sentence (title). Title is ‘Gorgeous Seoul’. After title come out, Logo is shown while wipe left to right. I decide simple transition because particles are gorgeous.

Next to title, show videos edited and shot by me. No is almost modifications in After Effect because editing and color revising in Premiere ago.

Last scene logo

3finish title  4broken logo  5last logo

After show videos made by me, I want to notify a video is finishing while I hope to recognize people watched my video to my logo and making me. First scene, day is orange color and through a video become in night finally, I express night atmosphere using navy color. Last scene is glow circle symbolize shiny objects like stars or moon in night. So, I arrange glow objects.I express shiny things using circle particles in navy background. I arrange logo whose feeling is flinders(=broken pieces) in middle of the shiny objects. After catching the eye of people, I am planning to concentrate people on logo appeared gradually. And then the video is done.

Change main image

           Main image2 (origianl)                        Main image2 (revise)

Main_image2(original) Main_image2(edit)

I changed using Photoshop first main image taken by me. Actually, I want to upload original picture. But it has much noisy due to high iso and hasn’t light and color because of dark in night. So, I decided to revise it.

First, I adjusted to harmonize whole tone and reduce noise using skills in Photoshop, curve and level. The reason why I choose original picture is lovely and have a graceful charm but the sky is a little narrow so I was felt stuffy. So, there is the reason I want to change original picture.

It will look better cool if sky is a little wide through I give up taking under part, it will look better cool that I have an unsatisfied feeling. Fortunately, I find a new picture. It is better than first image. So, I decided to change main image I am satisfied a new picture although I have to it revise.

Premiere&After Effect

I should have two works, Premiere and After Effect. Premiere is editing videos (not details) and After Effect is detail revisions, title production and various effects.



I started video edit use premiere a few days ago. Videos taken by me are not high resolution.  I don’t know why videos are low resolution whether I don’t use correctly or it is simply mechanical problems. So, I should bother about color revision. I am not used to color revision but I try to it. Now I finish premiere work. Therefore, I take it to After Effect.

After effect




Today, I make a logo. This logo will use many parts in my website. My concept is ‘a night view of Seoul’ so, I symbolize many buildings are filled by darkblue, navy blue color because there are many building in Seoul, capital and the reason why I choose navy blue color is night is my concept. And it is important that I use a light, thin circle. Your eyes catch in the circle that you aren’t recognized because it is circle’s feature. So, you are interested in my logo. A light, thin circle(=Ghost line) doesn’t disturb gaze.

I use font is ‘Copperplate Gothic’. This font is Gothic so, it looks simple and neat. Color is white and font is arranged on object because of attending my logo.

7. Final Report

7.Final report_2015.03.22_Page_1  7.Final report_2015.03.22_Page_27.Final report_2015.03.22_Page_3


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